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Marathon Robotics is the global leader in autonomous robotic targets and AI-enabled robotic OPFOR. Military.com describes “wildly popular” autonomous robotic targets that can triple individual lethality “in just one day.” The robots pay for themselves many times over through ‘same day range modernization’ – any range can be cheaply converted into a state-of-the-art range in a few hours – saving massive construction costs and ten years of MILCON. Marathon has robot rental fleets on 4 continents and 9 US locations.


Conflict Kinetics (CK)  is a human performance optimization company specializing in small arms simulation. CK adapts the science of professional sports training to marksmanship – improving shooter confidence,  shooter mechanics, ocular capability and increased readiness and lethality for all levels of shooters; novice, intermediate and expert. Conflict Kinetics offer system installations and mobile trainings in CONUS and OCONUS locations as well as Synthetic Marksmanship Training at our two training centers located right by Norfolk and Dulles Airport. 


Drip Drop Hydration contains a proven ratio of sodium, sugar, and other electrolytes that absorb quickly and hydrate with increased performance. Corrects dehydration faster than rice, and glucose based sports drinks. Drip Drop is a great tasting hydration solution (ORS) with a class VIII AMEDD approved NSN.  Drip Drop Hydration treats and prevents dehydration, and prevents hyponatremia. Drip Drop has great success in lowering the need for IV-fluids and reduction of heat illness in the most extreme environments. Drip Drop is the product of choice by performance dieticians, and Physiologists at the US Military Academy as well as NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLS, US Olympic Teams, SOF groups, teams and US Armed Forces across the globe. Drip Drop was developed by a Mayo clinic-trained physician, and humanitarian of the year by The Mayo Clinic. 

Ultra Electronics is an international. Well established defense & Aerospace company with a long, consistent track record of technological advancement and development.  The Group manages a portfolio of specialist capabilities generating innovative solutions to match customer evolving needs.

Ultra applies electronic and software technologies in demanding and critical environments ranging from secure communications, safety-critical devices in aircraft, nuclear controls and sensors through to electronic and digital architectures for military vehicles and soldier systems.



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